Wildwood Elementary’s technology curriculum teaches students to use digital tools to access, manage, evaluate and synthesize information in order to solve problems individually and collaboratively. The technology curriculum is integrated with all curricular areas, and is used as an instructional tool in reading, writing, math and science instruction.

The school’s technology program also emphasizes digital literacy and citizenship, including units developed by to address these topics in an age-appropriate way. Lessons focus on thinking critically, behaving safely and participating responsibly with digital media.

Technology is a critical component to student advancement because it supports inquiry, communication, and analysis. Our implementation of technology resources is grounded in research, tied to curriculum, and focused on positively impacting student learning. Informing our approach are best practices of 21st century skills, ISTE’s NETS skills, and critical thinking derived from work around Bloom’s Taxonomy to create engaged and literate learners. Educational Technology aims to improve student achievement through providing:

1- equitable access to technology, through adequate student/computer ratios, security, maintenance and reliability

2- opportunities for students and staff to acquire 21st Century skills

3- support to state curricular standards by enhancing instruction planning, delivery, practice, assessment, and communication

Computer lab periods are scheduled for all 1st – 5th grades. 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are also outfitted with chromebooks for each student.
Library workstations are also available for student use.