K-3rd Grade:

All students receive 45 minutes of music instruction each week with Mr. Behrendt. Classes focus on a sequential music curriculum including Kodaly, Orff and other teaching approaches. Classes focus on melodic and rhythmic development through activities involving singing, movement, games, and playing instruments.

4th Grade:

All students receive 45 minutes instrumental instruction each week. Students experience a rotation of woodwinds (flute and clarinets), brass (trumpet and trombone) and violin with Ms. King.
At the end of September, students make a selection for which instrument they will continue to study in greater depth.  Students meet in two groupings:  band and violin

5th Grade:

In fifth grade, the strings selection expands to violin, viola, cello and some bass.  All students receive one 45-minute instrumental music class on either orchestra or band instruments taught by Ms. King. All 5th graders participate in instrumental music.