Students in third grade are given the option of taking the OLSAT (Otis Lennon Schools Abilities Test), a group administered standardized measure. Students scoring in the 9th stanine on any 2 sections will be considered eligible for GATE identification. Students with GATE identification are eligible for cluster grouping and to receive a written plan specifying the differentiation strategies used to enhance their learning beginning in fourth grade.

The district’s program serves GATE students who are talented in traditional academic areas as well as areas including creative ability, leadership, and visual and performing arts. At the elementary level, programming primarily consists of in-class differentiation and enrichment activities. In addition, elementary GATE identified students with advanced mathematics aptitude are eligible to receive supplemental instruction from the elementary math specialist. Prior to formal identification. administrators, teachers, and parents may refer K-3 students who appear to require greater differentiation to a Gate Study Team. The team will review the needs of the child and consider appropriate accommodations in the classroom.

District GATE Information