Social and Emotional Curriculum

One of our primary goals at Wildwood Elementary is to create a safe, inclusive, kind and respectful environment. Children at every grade level are given guidance on how to be a good friend, school citizen and student.
Inevitably problems will arise; this is part of growing up! When they do, teachers and staff are available to help students navigate through difficult situations. In addition, 
 school counselor, Colleen Stormer is on site Mondays and Tuesdays for those who need extra support and guidance. Kindergarteners and new students are introduced to the school counselor and encouraged to speak with her if problems or questions arise.
Children at all grade levels learn age-appropriate tools to help them understand how to be a good friend and classmate.

At the elementary level the Second Step curriculum is used to teach core social-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion management and problem solving in developmentally appropriate ways.

When issues arise, classroom teachers as well as principal Carol Cramer are available to meet with parents and families. Please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call.