Our School Song

The Wildwood Way

by Mr. Behrendt
With lyrics by Mrs. Stormer, Mrs. Feiger, Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Hansen & Mrs. Kessler
and students at Wildwood

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Intro: C F C F

The sun comes up and I’m ready to rise


So excited eyes open wide


             Am                                                Gsus   G
Got my backpack on and one foot out the door


Will you walk with me, climb the 99 stairs

Each step we take gets us closer to where


Am                                                               Gsus   G
Wildwood waits with doors thrown open wide


Friends and teachers, we

Build a circle, to

Ab                                 Gsus                   G     F G
Join together in that special Wildwood Way.


Chorus  (x 2)


C             Dm
Greeting each other

Em         F
Sharing our stories

Gsus      G
Laughing together each day


Ab            Bb
Spending our childhood

Ab            Bb
Growing at Wildwood

Gsus        G
Follow the Wildwood Way!


(repeat chorus)

                          C          F
The Wildwood Way, hey, hey, hey, (x3)


The Wildwood Way!


December 2016