Principal’s Message

As we adjust to our new lives at home, we want to send out a huge appreciation to all of you for your flexibility and understanding. We are sure you are realizing many new challenges and some opportunities as well. Keep in mind we launched our distance learning anticipating a two week journey. The learning experiences we have provided are for maintenance and engagement. In light of the mandatory shelter-in-place put into effect, we will keep you posted on next steps and adjustments to distance learning opportunities for our students. Thank you for helping us accomplish this. We know that like us, you are adjusting as we go.

We are required to maintain attendance records during the school closure. Should your child become so ill during the school closure that they cannot complete the provided activities, please call the attendance line at (510) 594-2697. Please, do not call the attendance line for any other reason.

We recognize students are going to be online more often than they may have been up to this point. A live parent education presentation regarding digital citizenship and online safety was planned for this April. In light of current circumstances, we want to highlight a couple relevant recommendations and links from this future presentation put together by our technology specialists, Louisa Cheung and Sun Lee.

Recommendations for parents are:

• Supervise tech use. Devices should be in common areas where an adult is present and aware. Avoid keeping/charging devices in bedrooms overnight to prevent unsupervised use.
• Set firm time limits and guidelines.
• Openly discuss parameters with children and explain why they are there.
• Model behaviors and set ground rules.
• Be the gateway to access devices, apps, games, etc. and when using apps and games not recommended by school, use content filtering tools and consistently monitor use.

To assist with this, here are some links from Common Sense Media that may be helpful:

Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls
Customizable Device Contract

You may feel that you need support during this time. Here are a few parenting resources that might help you:

What to Say to Your Child about the Coronavirus–And How to Cope as a Parent
Family Stress Hotline

This is a new experience for all of us, and we will be communicating regularly as we extend our plans.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Carol Cramer