Health and Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Students regularly practice drills for fire, earthquake and sheltering in place which includes locking down in order to know what to do in an emergency situation. Each classroom is equipped with emergency supplies and the school has an extensive emergency plan which can be reviewed in the school office. Parents, please note that if we need to evacuate the building, our plans are to gather on the lower playground or alternatively on Witter Field. To meet up with us on the lower playground, plan for a route that takes you around the building (ie.  through the Winsor Gate or using the ramps and stairs on the Witter side of the school building.)  Any time we evacuate for a drill, we will attempt to lock the school building.  In a real event, we will evacuate because the building IS NOT SAFE.

Please be sure that all of your child’s emergency forms are accurate and that all emergency contacts are up to date.

Your Child’s Health                                

Should your child become ill or injured at school, parents (or their designated emergency contacts) are notified immediately. Parents are urged to keep the office notified of current emergency phone numbers.

The school district nurse has a rotating schedule, visiting each of our five Piedmont schools as her schedule permits. Health problems, as well as vision and hearing tests, are handled during these scheduled visits.  Should your child need to take and medication during the school day, we will need documentation from your child’s physician.  Please visit the school office to obtain necessary forms.

Please follow common sense guidelines, which include being fever free without any vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours, in determining whether or not your child is well enough to attend school.