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posted on June 26th, 2013 at 11:37 am in Shortcuts.

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Infinite Campus is our student information system. The system can be accessed by parents and guardians for a variety of uses, including updating contact information, to read messages sent from the schools, and to access grades and attendance information.

The IC Parent Portal can be accessed at

Infinite Campus Topics

Updating Contact info
Signing up with an Activation Code
Finding Schedule and Attendance Info
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Contact Information

Keep your IC account updated.  Information you add is used for walk-through registration, emergency contacts, and to keep your family updated on school happenings. Parents can request to add and/or update information at anytime. Important contact information needed from each parent includes:

  • Cell Phone  used for emergency notifications
  • Email address used for critical/important notifications
  • Emergency Contacts when a parent cannot be contacted, these individuals will be contacted in the order entered

For more info on Update Contacts and Emergency.


Signing up with an Activation Code


Finding Schedule and Attendance Info

Once logged in, chose the student from the top of the page.  Then use the navigation on the left to select Schedule.

The Course Schedule lists the student’s teacher. Parents can use this tool to find their student’s class, along with the teacher’s name and room number. Clicking the teacher’s name with an Email icon next to it will generate an email in the user’s preferred email program. Clicking the Name of a course when a grade book icon appears next to it will send the user to the student’s Grade book for that course.


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