Science Inquiry Project

Award-winning teen-age science in action

In 2011 three young women swept the top prizes of the first Google Science Fair.At TEDxWomen Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah described their extraordinary projects– and their route to a passion for science.


Notes Document (for digital note taking):

Science Inquiry Research – Make a copy and rename: see naming protocol and add your name to the header




Many useful ones are displayed on the counter.   Also, search your subject on the OPAC.


**Exploratorium:  Explore – browse by topics listed on the left side

National Science Digital Library (Type subject into search box and select “middle school”)

The Beginner’s Guide to Aeronautics (NASA) great background information on aerodynamics, propulsion, airplanes, kites, rockets, wind tunnels

Curve Ball Simulation (Very cool!)


Subscription Databases:

**Gale Science Center 

World Book Online


SIRS Discoverer

Gale Ebook


ed1stop – go to “school help” for videos using Discovery Streaming


Reference Room:

Special Encyclopedias(R/500s)


Science Inquiry Example Questions: If you cannot find something that interests you in the books you might look at this list.

Example Inquiry:

The Case of the Hungry Hound