Science Article Report Resources

Best Bet for S.A.R.

The PMS Library website is a great place to find your science current event for the S.A.R. Just

go to and click on the Library tab. You have two terrific options:

RSS Feeds

If you don’t have a particular topic in mind and just want something current and interesting, click

Science News.

• Each box presents a different news source for the most current science events.

• Scroll down and browse your options.

• Select a headline that interests you, and read the abstract to get a sense of what the article

is about. Podcasts may not be used for this assignment.

• Try several until you find one you like, and then click on the title or link to get the FULL


• After you read the entire article, print it out and complete the assignment.


If you are looking for a science news resource that lets you change the reading level for the article, you might want to try the Science or Health section of Newsela.  The reading level can be changed by switching numbers on the blue bar to the right of the article.


If you do have a specific science topic in mind, open EBSCOHost. Page 10 of your student handbook has user ID and password.

  1. Science News
  2. *Current Science
  3. *Current Health
  4. Discover
  5. Economist (Science and Technology section)
  6. Astronomy
  7. *Science World
  8. Scientific American

*Published specifically for middle school students

Enjoy exploring science and be sure to include a proper citation (bibliography) as part of your report.