Sci Fi Fact Checker Research


Checkology – Day One Introduction – Know Your Zone

Possible HW – (Day 1) Checkology Demo Lesson

Note Taking Document: Two Truths and a Lie – Make a copy and rename


Gale Science in Context – Use “Advanced” button to do a more specific search.  Search for your topic and select “Subject” from dropdown menu (rather than “Keyword”).  Select “Full Text” and “Peer Reviewed Journals” from “More Options.”  You can also select your reading level from the “Content Level” choices.

EBSCOHost – Be sure to select the check box for “Peer Reviewed” in order to only see peer reviewed documents.  You can sort by “Date Newest” to find the most current information.

Google Scholar – These may or may not be peer reviewed.  You will have to google search the publication to find out if it is peer reviewed.

Google Search -You can use the words “peer reviewed” in your search to try to filter good sources to the top. 

Game Template:

Two Truths and a Lie Presentation Template