Debate Topics:

Use NoodleTools to cite your resources as a group: Open your email. Find NoodleTools in your waffle dropdown under “more.” One group member creates a project named with your Renaissance person and that student shares with the rest of the group using the NoodleTools dashboard.

To find information on these significant people, consider using the following research strategies and resources:

To find information about people, search for



Special Encyclopedias


Subscription Databases:


Find some preselected websites below, or do a more careful search in Sweet Search by adding site:org or site: edu after your person’s name.

Checking for Accuracy and Credibility: Use this guide when independently searching the web for resources.

To further investigate debate topics, check out the following websites:

Joan of Arc links: the Catholic Encyclopedia information on Joan The links listed under “History” will probably be most helpful (trial transcripts, biography, timeline). Otherwise, the St. Joan Center appears to be a labor of love put together by a devotee.

Cortes links:

Don’t forget to use Cortez and Cortes. Better yet, “Hernan Cortes” seems to work the best.  (a good starting place) (part of a letter written by Cortes to Charles V)

Galileo links: (Here’s the Catholic Encyclopedia version of Galileo’s story.)

Isabella I Links:

Also research the Inquisition.

Inquisitive About the Inquisition (A website for Catholic educators. Note point of view.)

The Spanish Expulsion (Jewish perspective: the Jewish Virtual Library. Note point of view.)

Mary Wollstonecraft Links:

BBC History “British History in depth: Mary Wollstonecraft: A Speculative and Dissenting Spirit

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:  Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft on Education

John Locke Links:

The Galileo Project: Locke, John

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:  John Locke

Locke’s Political Philosophy

Bloody Mary; Mary I or Mary Tudor:

Tutor History: Mary I (Mary Tudor)

What Inspired Queen ‘Bloody’ Mary’s Gruesome Nickname?

The Myth of ‘Bloody Mary’


(Alternatives, if more groups needed)

Queen Mary Tudor

Mary, Queen of Scots Links:

Mary, Queen of Scots

Women in History of Scots Descent

Urban II links:

Also search the Crusades. (comprehensive list of links, including Urban’s speech, info on each crusade) (Catholic Encyclopedia version)

Henry VIII Links:

Henry VIII – (Catholic Encyclopedia information on Henry VIII)

The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant

Martin Luther links:

Martin Luther: Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation (1520)


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