Latin American Cultures

Works Cited

Open EasyBib from the “More” tab in Gmail

Under where it says “My Projects” select “Create a new project.”

Label “Latin American Research” and select  “Create Project.”

Select “Bibliography” below your project name to get started creating citations.

At the end of your research you will export to create a Google Doc of your citations

Research Resources


Worldbook Online


CIA World Factbook


EBSCOHost – Search your country; sort by date to get most current information

Gale Student Research in Context– Do a subject search for your country

SIRS Discoverer – Search by country

Ed1stop – Discovery Streaming and Encyclopedias


Country books will be put on the cart this time, but you can always search your country in the OPAC.


Search Engines that assess credibility

*EASYBIB Research Tab go to EasyBib, open your project, click “Bibliography” and then go to the top and select “Research.” The results will say “credible” in green if it is a reliable resource.

Sweet Search – this search engine is curated by educators and sifts out some of the junk, blogs etc, but it is not perfect. You may have to assess some of the results yourself. Use your best judgement and use the Accuracy and Credibility pathfinder to help.