Islamic Civilization

Islamic Civilization

During this research assignment, you will learn about the contributions of Islamic Civilization to the arts and sciences.  The print and online resources listed below will help you in your investigation.

TED Video – Terry Moore: Why is ‘x’ the unknown?

Search Tips

Useful search terms:  Islam*; Muslim*; Arab*

Useful search strategies:  Combine one of the above terms with a discipline (e.g., Islam* AND architecture; Muslim* AND medicine; Arab* AND astronomy)

Alternate spellings:  Ibn Sina = Avicenna; al-Razi = Rhazes; Qur’an = Koran


OPAC (Use the above search terms and strategies.)

Browse 956

Print Encyclopedias:

World Book; International Encyclopedia of Art; Middle Ages R940.1; Medieval World R/940.1

Subscription Databases:

World Book Online or Britannica School: Search topics such as “Arabic Language” or “Arabic Literature” or “Islamic Art.”  Check related “Related Information” for other encyclopedia articles on related topics.

ABC-CLIO: Look at the “Explore by Time Periods,” select “The Islamic World,” and select “Islamic Science and Medicine” or use ” Search this database.”

ed1stop (Discovery Streaming)

SIRS Discoverer



Discover Islamic Art (The introductions and definitions are easier to read and helpful.)

Hot-Worked Glass From Islamic Lands

The Nature of Islamic Art

Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts (Scroll to Table of Contents.)

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