Historical Newspaper

October 8-11, 1871:  The Chicago Fire

May 4, 1886: Haymarket Riot

May 31, 1889:  Johnstown Flood

January 16, 1895:  Queen Liliuokalani Arrested!

Sept. 8, 1901:  McKinley is Assassinated

March 25, 1911:  Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

April 14-15, 1912:  The Titanic sinks


ABC-CLIO American History – Besides searching for the specific event, students can use advanced search to put in the date (year) and select the type of resources they would like to find (photos, political cartoons, maps, visuals, facts and figures, etc.).  This seems like a good way to get some other things that might have been happening at the time.

Gale Student Resources

SIRS Discoverer

On This Day – The students can search for the specific date of the incident or days around the incident to see what else was happening in the world at the time (highlights, events, birthdays, deaths, weddings & divorces).

On This Day – Dates in History by Year – can search whole year for broader perspective…