Greenhouse Project

Renewable Energy Note Guide:

SWOT Notes & T-Chart: Make a copy, rename for group (Tundra 1 Greenhouse SWOT), “share” with your teammates, add a header (insert- header) with everyone’s name.

Greenhouse Research: Make a copy, rename and share with group (20-4-30 Science 7 Per ? Farming and Engineering Research Biome?)



OPAC: Subject search the name of your biome (e.g., tundra, chaparral).

Some biomes are known by more than one name.  The following list will give you alternative terms to search:

Browse:  574.5 The library has many biomes series. Look for books that are at a comfortable reading level for you.

Print Encyclopedias: World Book; The Living Earth (R/570); Plants and Plant Life (R/580); International Wildlife Encyclopedia (R/591.03)

Digital Resources:

Biome Information for SWOT:

Desert=Mojave Desert, USA/ Tropical Forest=Yasuni National Park, Ecuador/ Taiga=Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada/ Tundra=Thingvellir National Park, Iceland/ Deciduous Forest=Great Smoky Mountains, USA

Missouri Botanical Garden:


Mission: Biomes:

Introduction to Biomes:

Specific National Park Location Information:

DESERT – Mojave (California)

TROPICAL FORESTS (Rainforests) – National Park of American Samoa

TAIGA (Coniferous Forests) – Wrangell – St. Elias (Alaska)

TUNDRA (Arctic) – Lake Clark (Alaska)

DECIDUOUS FOREST (Temperate Forest) Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee) 



When you search for “greenhouse,” you will get many results for “greenhouse effect” or “global warming.” This is not what we are researching. You will want articles specific to building a greenhouse.

EBSCO Host: Search – greenhouses NOT gas* – then go to SUBJECT and check “greenhouses” for best search.

Britannica School – For energy sources – search “solar energy” “wind energy” etc.

World Book Online: (or print) has good information. For energy sources – search “solar power” “wind power” etc.

SIRS Discoverer :  search- hydroponics / search- solar energy / search- wind power / search- renewable energy sources

Student Resources in Context (Gale)

Science in Context (Gale)


Google Search Tips:

When you search on your own you MUST check the source’s Accuracy and Credibility using the following link.

Accuracy and Credibility Assessment

search tip #1- put multiple word names or phrases in quotes “solar power”

search tip #2- do site specific searches (.edu, .gov, .org) to target specific types of websites – site: edu greenhouse design / site:edu greenhouse heating


Greenhouse Examples -These are examples of innovative, out of the box greenhouses.

Vertical Greenhouse

Geodesic dome Greehouse

Underground Greenhouse

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