Greek Mythology

In order to create a product or service based on a Greek god or goddess and an advertising campaign to promote it, you will need to do some research to learn about you deity’s characteristics and the events in which he or she participated.  The following library resources will help you with your investigation:

Print Encyclopedias and Reference Books:

Gods, Goddesses, and Mythology  R/201/G589

Man, Myth, and Magic R/133.03/M266

World Mythology R/291.1/W735

Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology R/291.1/W687

World Book Encyclopedia

Browse 292 in the library for books on Greek mythology or search GREEK MYTHOLOGY in the OPAC.

Online Databases:

ed1stopWorld Book, Grolier’s, Discovery Streaming, BrainPop

SIRS Discoverer

Information File at Circulation Desk:  Greek and Roman Gods


The British Museum – Explore 12 Gods & Godesses (introduction, symbols, story, objects, places and festivals).