Food Additives

For this assignment, you will research food additives to find out what each type does and the benefits and risks of adding additives to our food.  You will record your information on a graphical organizer.

Search term:  food additives

To complete the first portion of the graphical organizer, read the article on food additives in World Book Encyclopedia through the ed1Stop portal.

To complete the second portion of the graphical organizer–benefits and risks–use the following resources:

Teen Health and Wellness :  Enter same username password as most databases.  Put food additives in the search bar.  Click on the first article and note the article section headings on the left!

SIRS Discoverer :  Do a subject search for food additives.  Browse titles for the best ones!

The following pages from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration web site will help you to read your food labels and to identify any specific food additives on them.

How to Use and Understand Food Nutrition Labels

Food and Color Additives Program