Landform Erosion Exploration Notetaking Guide:  One person from each group should make a copy of this guide and share it with the other members of the group.

Another member of the group should create and share an EasyBib project titled Erosion.

Introduction Videos:


Changing Rivers:

Sinkhole swallows trees whole in Louisiana swamp

Drew Point, AK Time-Lapse Photography of Coastal Erosion

General Landforms Resources:

UXL Encyclopedia of Landforms (R 551.41):  Type in usual password only.  Click on UXL Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features. Search for your landform in the “within publication” search box on the LEFT side.

Gale Science in Context

World Book Online

Current Event Resources:

Current Event Intro Video - Bay Area Mudslides and Flooding

Gale Student Resources in Context

Use the EasyBib Essay Tools tab, drop down to Research and search your landform (plural, i.e. deltas) and California. EasyBib research will indicate which are “credible.”

Google Search:  To find current events, type in your search term and hit the search button.  Select “News” from below the search box.  Be sure to find a credible source.  How did you know it was credible? Who was the author? What organization provided the information?  Did you find the same information in more than one place?


Erosion Solutions Intro Video:

Devastating Floods Result Of Bay Area’s Aging Water Infrastructure

Possible Search Terms:  “erosion control” “erosion management” “erosion protection”