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PRINT RESOURCES; Books and articles

These are on the counter already for you.  Two especially helpful titles are.

Fishes of the Pacific Coast, by Gar Goodson is especially helpful – one copy fell apart and we laminated the pages for you to use as well 🙂

Probably More Than You Want To Know About the Fishes of the Pacific Coast, by Milton Love – this one is also very useful.

There are also some articles about specific topics like the Asian Clam, and Chinese Mitten Crab.


General Encyclopedia: 

World Book – Use general words like perch NOT rainbow surfperch, or sponge, anenome,  salmon.

Specialized Encyclopedias: 

Aquatic Life of the World Encyclopedia, 578.79

International Wildlife Encyclopedia, 591.03



You can also find the World Book Encyclopedia Online via the Ed1Stop Portal


Monterey Bay Aquarium Animal Guide

California Marine Sportfish Identification
(Click on Search by Common or Scientific Name for an alphabetical list.  If you don’t see your fish, type its name into the search box at the top.)

Aquarium of the Bay Animal Facts

Diatoms (plankton)

Lower Food Web (benthic invertebrates)

Asian Clam

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