Climate Change

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EasyBib Project: choose one person from your group to create a project -> your email -> waffle -> “more” button -> select EasyBib -> select “new project” -> name project “climate change” and create -> click “share” -> share with other 2 group members (make sure you select “edit”!) -> EVERYONE open the project by clicking blue word “Bibliography”


The way we have been referring to climate change has evolved over the years.  

If articles were written recently they will use the term “climate change” but those written a few years back will use “global warming.” (example search “climate change in SIRs and it brings up nothing… but search “global warming” and it finds stuff) Another good term is: “greenhouse effect”

Also try using the words: “green” “sustainability” “conservation” “carbon footprint” “environment*”  

You can combine searches with the operator AND. So you might search: paper company AND conservation, or island nations AND climate change, or EVEN conservationists AND auto industry. (examples in Science in context) or auto industry and “climate change” (example in EBSCO),




Worldbook Online – for general information about climate change/global warming: 


Gale Science in Context

Sirs Discoverer


Gale Science Encyclopedia