Civil War


Civil War Gazette: Here is the Writing Guide: 1. Open Your email. 2. Make a copy and add your name. 3. Begin your work.

For books on the Civil War, browse 973.7 in both the main library and the Reference Room.  The databases and sites listed below will also provide good information and images: 

History/Social Science Score (Under “Resources,” select “by Grade Level Topic,” then select grade level 8; units 10 and 11)

ed1stop:  Encyclopedias and Discovery Streaming (has excellent images)


Memory Project (In search box, type Civil War Diaries or Civil War Letters and select “Match all these words.”)

PBS – The Civil War

Civil War @  the Smithsonian  (Use the Site Index to navigate.)

The American Civil War Homepage (Many links to Civil War sites)

History of the Underground Railroad

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War (documents and newspaper articles)

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Parks

Maps of National Historic Military Parks, Memorials, and Battlefields

American Battlefield Protection Program (summaries of Civil War battles)

Civil War Women

Selected Civil War Photographs