Digital Notes:  Make a copy, rename (ex. Taiga per 2 – Last Names), and share with group members.

Notes Examples – Abiotic, Plant, Animal, Food Web

Adaptation Song - Introduction to plant adaptations

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus – Animal Adaptations Example


OPAC:  Subject search the name of your biome (e.g., tundra, chaparral).

Some biomes are known by more than one name.  The following list will give you alternative terms to search:

Browse:  574.5  The library has many biomes series.  Look for books that are at a comfortable reading level for you.

Print Encyclopedias: World Book; The Living Earth (R/570); Plants and Plant Life (R/580); International Wildlife Encyclopedia (R/591.03)



Missouri Botanical Garden


Mission: Biomes

Chaparral Basics and More (This is a pdf file; allow time for it to load and use the table of contents.)

Introduction to Biomes – (food webs)

Introduction to Biomes (includes Mediterranean scrub)

Subscription Databases:  Click on subscription databases in the box on the left.

ed1stop:  Includes World Book Online, Grolier’s Encyclopedias, BrainPop and Discovery Streaming. Search by biome.

SIRS Discoverer Online: Do a subject search on your biome.

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