PMS Library

Welcome to the Piedmont Middle School Library! Library hours are posted below.

Students may use the library during brunch and lunch, between periods and during class with their teacher’s permission.

Library books may be borrowed for three weeks. Magazines and reference books are due the next day.

Created by a Library TA, MM.

Library Hours

Monday 8:35AM to 3:30PM
Tuesday 8:35AM to 3:15PM
Wednesday 8:35AM to 2:45PM
Thursday 8:35AM to 3:15PM
Friday 8:35AM to 2:45PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Library Staff:  510-594-2670

Jennifer Gulassa, Teacher Librarian (MTW 50%)
Carolyn White, Teacher Librarian (WThF 50%)

Vivienne Lu, Library Tech (M 8:45-3:30, T,Th 9:45-1:50, W/F 9:45-1:30)

Book SuggestionsStudent Input:

What books would you like to see added to our collection?

What books appear to be lost?


Libraries in the Internet Age by Common Craft

Video shared with permission.