Food Service Volunteer Opportunities

Our food service program is professionally managed by Diane Clark but is also dependent on our parent volunteers to help serve at the counter.  Volunteers help one day each month, and four parents are needed each day that lunch is served.  Sign ups for all shifts are available at the beginning of the school year, but we will assign new volunteers to fill shifts with openings throughout the year. We also maintain an “emergency helpers” list for parents that are willing to be called last minute when there is a need.  Please volunteer to help with Food Service.  Volunteering for PMS Food Service is a fantastic way to get involved at school, and the time commitment is minimal.

Parent volunteers are asked to arrive at 11:30 and stay through both lunch periods until approximately 1:30pm.  Those available for brunch service are encouraged to help at that time as well. Spots fill up fast, so get a group of friends together to work the same shift or sign up on your own and have a chance to meet some new people.  Either way, make sure you grab a spot with food service!  For more information, contact Kathleen O’Brien, PMS Parent Club Food Service Volunteer Coordinator, at 510-444-1853 or

Scots Cafe: Parent Volunteers Needed!
Looking for a fun way to get involved at school? Want a chance to see your child during the school day? Come help serve lunch! We need parents to help at both the Canteen and the Snack Shack. Take a look at our calendar and pick a day (or two) that work for you:

Questions? Feel free to contact either
Frannie Cooley ( orHeather Meil (