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Senior Activities

updated January 8, 2021

Welcome Class of 2021 to senior year at Piedmont High School. What a year this will be! The Senior Committee is planning away, and hoping for the best, as well as providing some new gifts and events during our time of remote learning. 

Key Dates for Piedmont and Millennium High Schools:


Tickets and Scholarships

Tickets:  Tickets for all events are on sale at the Piedmont Store.  There is more information on each event there as well.

Spirit Fund: This year, given the impact of COVID on our seniors, we are also collecting funds for a “Spirit Fund” to pay for gifts and to lift their spirits and celebrate their final year of high school. You can donate at the Piedmont Store.  Anything paid for by the “Spirit Fund” includes all seniors, regardless of participation.

Scholarships:  Piedmont High School is committed to providing all students equal access to school activities. Full and partial scholarships are available. If you would like to apply, please contact PHS Vice Principal Erin Igoe (eigoe@piedmont. k12.ca.us) for details, or fill out the online scholarship form. All requests are kept confidential between Ms. Igoe and the senior class treasurer. 

Senior Class Parent Representatives

MHS:  Teela Shine

PHS:   Michele Helm, Laura Katter, Susan Ormond

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