Piedmont High School : Achieve the Honorable

School Spirit

Scottish Theme

When Piedmont High School was first organized, a Scottish theme was decided upon. This selection was made for the following reasons:

From this source, the following names were chosen:

School Shield

PHS School Shield

The shield of PHS symbolizes the ideals and spirit of the school. These ideals should be familiar to every student and to that end, the following description is given:

At the left-hand edge of the scroll at the top of the shield is shown a winged sandal. This is to characterize the athletic ambitions of our school. In classic myth, the winged sandal enabled its possessor to perform unusual physical feats. This provides inspiration for our athletic teams to triumph over all opponents.

The classic torch of learning at the right-hand edge of the scroll stands as an inspiration for intelligent leadership through scholastic achievement. It represents the idea that if one is to lead or serve others, (s)he must posses the light of intelligent truth.

In the left-hand triangle, the helmet of knighthood stands as a valorous manhood for the preservation and perpetuation of the arts and science throughout that period. So, the helmet of knighthood stands as an inspiration to the Piedmont boys (sic) to achieve, personally, in their day, the ideals of Medieval Knighthood.

In the right-hand triangle is a characterization of Minerva, the classic example of noble womanhood. This stands as an inspiration to the Piedmont Girls to achieve the highest of noble and intelligent womanhood.

The stripes and bars are represented on the shield in the school colors of royal purple and white. White represents purity and suggests that true PHS students will strive to be pure in thought, speech, and act. Royal purple symbolizes legality and suggests to all Piedmont students, the necessity of learning to rule their lives and ambitions by the mastery of their own thoughts and actions.

The open book of learning at the lower edge of the shield sets forth the idea that knowledge and information, the great secrets of life and the world, are open to those who will learn. It is a challenge to bend every effort to master thoroughly the lessons each school day brings. Upon the book is inscribed the motto of Piedmont High School, “Achieve the Honorable.”

School Song (to the tune of “On, Wisconsin”)

We are the Piedmont’s fighting Scotsmen,
Bold and bonny bunch!
We eat thistles for our breakfast,
Granite for our lunch,
Munch, munch, munch …
We are Piedmont’s fighting Scotsmen,
Come from Highlands brown …
So fight, Piedmont,
Fight till every foe is down!

ASB After Rally


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