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updated: July 28, 2021

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Cross-Curricular Research and Development Project

Highlanders enjoy a well earned reputation for exceptional academic performance. Excellence has become the norm around campus. As our campus is transitioning to incorporate a new STEAM building and theater, the question was asked, “What would make it more ideal?”  A panel of students, faculty, administration, parents and community members invested hours into deliberating this very question. It was especially noted that while students were performing at remarkably high levels, there certainly was an opportunity for their learning experiences to provide more joy and real world relevance. Students can too easily view their high school years as only a hoop that must be jumped through, so that one day, perhaps years in the future, they might make a difference in the world and be able to enjoy their contributions to it.

EXPO was designed to seize that opportunity to make high school a more joyful and relevant experience.  EXPO allows our students to apply their knowledge and skills from all of their learning experiences to a problem in which they bring their own passion and interest. For EXPO, students will research and analyze a problem of their choosing and persuasively reveal their proposed solution to the world at the EXPO event in spring.

The manner and form of what students produce for an EXPO project is virtually limitless.  One might design a tangible object in the Engineering lab (or at home) or the project may be a policy proposal. It could be a book, a song, a computer program, a widget, a business venture, an academic course, an automobile, a sensor, an analyzer, a TED Talk, an Eagle Scout project, an almost anything!  It might be geared locally, regionally, nationally or globally!  It might completely eradicate a problem or it might simply serve to contribute in a meaningful way towards mitigation of the problem.

All students projects will be revealed at the EXPO event at the end of the year, and top tier projects will be especially highlighted. Judges will identify top tier projects utilizing the rubric included in the EXPO Student Guide, available at tinyurl.com/piedmontexpo.

It’s important to remember that the EXPO project is a standalone work, guided by each individual student’s discretion.  But several teachers have incorporated a portion, or even all of their final assessment, as a demonstration of proficiency in standards that could possibly be fully met while the student is working on their EXPO project.

Many students questions are answered in the EXPO Student Guide, but clarification is available by emailing Mr Christensen @ fchristensen@piedmont.k12.ca.us

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