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Library Staff Bios

updated: October 2, 2020

Kathryn Levenson

Teacher Librarian

I have been the high school Teacher Librarian since 2015. The capital letters in my title indicate that I hold a California Department of Education credential as a Librarian.  I was also a teacher for about 14 years. I still have teaching functions such as teaching you to be a better researcher. In the past, I was a science teacher. I still hold credentials to teach General Science, Geology, Biology, Health Science and Anthropology. 

I love being a Librarian and working with high school students. I wish I had taken up this career decades ago! I also worked as a part time Reference Librarian at the branches of the San Francisco Public Library for five years. 

I studied Anthropology at UC Santa Barbara and Archaeology in graduate school at Harvard. My teacher education program was at Cal State East Bay and my masters in library and information sciences (MLIS) from San Jose State University. I have special interests in Ecology and Ethnobotany. I studied French, German, Spanish and Latin. I passed my doctoral language proficiencies in French and German. 

I love to help you find a book you might enjoy reading and answering research questions. If you are trying to narrow your research topic or question, feel free to contact me. 

In my life outside of the library, I enjoy travel of all kinds. I have participated in explorations all over the world and am a member of the Harvard Travelers Club. I once owned an ecotourism company of my own. I have two children, one working in the real world in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The other one is at MIT, taking a gap year during the pandemic, and majoring in Urban Development. I enjoy reading (of course), birdwatching, sketching, gardening and hanging out with my tuxedo cat Sam. I am also a very competitive Scrabble player and enjoy jigsaw puzzles. 


Jacob Stahl

Library Assistant

My name is Jacob Stahl and I am your Library Media Technician. You might recognize me from Beach Elementary School, where I helped out as a special ed para from 2005-2020! Before the social distancing mandate, I also worked one on one as a math tutor and also as a life skills mentor, but now I’m using my non-library time to study JavaScript (on freecodecamp.com) and Early Childhood Education (via online classes through Central State University). I love learning and I hope to help you get the resources you need to learn new stuff, too!. When not working or learning, I’m usually out on a long hike, deeply listening to music, painting, collaging, or tinkering around with lute instruments.

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