Piedmont High School : Achieve the Honorable

Library History

updated: September 28, 2020

PHS was established about 100 years ago. The Library has been an integral part of the school since the beginning. It has changed locations and changed in terms of services over the years. It has a classical look to it thanks to the work of the WPA, including our Minstrels Gallery with our school motto: Achieve the Honorable.

If you look through our collection of yearbooks, you will see photos of the older libraries and of our Library Teaching Assistants through the years. Before the Library was on the ground floor of the 30’s building, it was in what is now the Student Center. Before that, it seems to have been in the building that existed on the site of the current 30’s.

Our older wood chairs and tables have cut out decoration of our school emblem, the Scottish Thistle. The chairs were commissioned and installed in about 1934. If you turn over one of these chairs, you may still see the paper delivery form marked with the year we received it. 

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