Piedmont High School : Achieve the Honorable

Honor Society


There are two requirements to qualify as a PHS Honor Society Member:

  1. Minimum Semester GPA (total and weighted) of 3.60.
  2. Community Service Hours. Read common answers and questions on community service requirements.

At the end of the Fall Semester, the Principal will review students’ semester report cards to determine eligibility.

  1. By the end of February, the Principal will mail a letter to each student who meets the minimum GPA requirement, informing them of their award.
  2. Community service hours will not be reviewed during the Fall semester.

At the end of the Spring semester, the Principal will determine eligibility by:

  1. Reviewing students’ semester report cards (3.60 minimum GPA [total and weighted]).
  2. Reviewing the community service report as prepared by the College & Career Center Coordinator.

Honor Society Recognition

Honor Society Checklist

10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
1st Semester 3.60 GPA 3.60 GPA 3.60 GPA
2nd Semester
  • 3.60 GPA
  • 10 hours of community service*
  • 3.60 GPA
  • 15 hours of community service*
  • 3.60 GPA
  • 20 hours of community service*
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