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Community Service

updated: March 6, 2021

Community Service Policy

Our goal in encouraging Community Service is to motivate and teach students about the character-building rewards of giving back to the larger community. Community service is not a PHS graduation requirement. However, many students perform acts of service, and consider it an important part of their social and academic development. Studies have shown that it builds empathy and teamwork, increases social awareness and academic motivation, fosters problem-solving skills, and provides exposure to potential career opportunities.

We have established that there are two types of community service; both have their place and we wish to acknowledge each type for what it is.

Community Service Beyond PHS

This is serving the community outside the high school. This type of community service would be credited hour for hour, up to a maximum of 8 hours per day and 50 hours per week (with some limitations – see the FAQs).

This would also include volunteering in Piedmont but beyond the high school community. Some examples are:

Some limitations on service credit beyond the high school are:

Community Service at PHS

Credit for community service performed at the high school is capped at 25 hours per semester. This equates to about 1.5 hours per week. ANY HOURS (whether with one activity or many) AT PHS WILL BE CAPPED AT A TOTAL OF 25 HOURS PER SEMESTER, even if the student has volunteered more than 25 hours.

Some limitations on credit for service at the high school are:

Community Service FAQs

What is the PHS Honors Society? How does it fit within community service?

The PHS Honors Society is implemented under the office of the Principal. Any questions regarding the Community Service aspect of Honors Society should be addressed to the administration. For an explanation of the award, including the required number of community service hours, refer to the PHS website under academics, PHS school planner or contact the principal. Honor Society students must record their hours using Track it Forward.

In general, what qualifies for PHS Community Service credit?

Services that qualify are generally those that are unpaid and performed at or for a nonprofit organization. The organization should be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and/or a service entity affiliated with a city/government body or a civic organization (e.g., public library, city senior service center, or political campaign). You may receive credit for working at your parent’s place of employment, as long as it is a nonprofit, you are not being paid, and you are under the direct supervision of someone other than your parent. Working for a political campaign or at your place of worship also qualifies as community service, as long as you are not being paid and are not receiving class credit or “double-dipping”.

How do I keep track of my hours?

Every time you perform community service, record your hours in Track it Forward. It is strongly recommended that you also keep a hard copy record of your hours and have it signed by a supervisor in case you are ever asked to verify the hours. Hours must be entered on Track it Forward by May 10 each year to get credit during that school year, although you are encouraged to record them as soon as you have completed your service. On a case-by-case basis, we may give credit for hours performed in previous years, but hours for Honors Society must be performed and recorded between May 11 of the previous year and May 10 of the current academic year. The honor system applies to hours recorded, and only actual hours spent in service should be indicated. We reserve the right to review and allow/disallow hours claimed, depending on the activity described. Extensive hours for “preparation” and “training” before the actual service will be limited.

What is “double-dipping”?

If your activity was done as part of another requirement (e.g. Scout advancement, National Charity League required hours, a class assignment, or to satisfy terms of probation), you cannot also receive PHS community service credit. Community service hours beyond what is required to complete a merit badge or for NCL requirements can be recorded online for credit.

Who should sign my form?

Students are no longer required to get a signature of the supervisor, however students are strongly advised a keep a hard copy record of hours and have a supervisor’s signature in case they are ever asked to verify the hours. By entering hours in Track it Forward, students are agreeing that the information they have entered is correct. Falsifying any information goes against the Piedmont High School Academic Integrity Policy. Students are also asked in Track it Forward to provide a supervisor’s contact information for verification purposes.

My teacher asked me to take notes in class to help another student. Can I get community service credit for that?

Yes, you can get limited credit – no more than 1.5 hours of credit per week, maximum 25 hours per semester.

I love sports. What kinds of sports-related activities can I get credit for?

Students are encouraged to serve as volunteer coaches and assistants for sports activities in disadvantaged communities or with organizations like the Special Olympics. Within Piedmont, you can receive credit for service to Piedmont Recreation Department sports and PMS sports teams if you are not paid. You may not receive credit for any participation related to playing for a PHS team.

What about writing articles for a newspaper? (an exception)

Though newspapers are not nonprofits, you can receive community service credit if your work is not part of a class and you are not being paid. This would include work for the Oakland Tribune and the Piedmont Post.

I want to volunteer as a T.A. at PHS or PMS during my free period or after school. Can I get credit for that?

Yes, you can get credit for up to 25 hours a semester, as long as it is not considered an elective class and you are strictly volunteering for no class credit.

I fostered a dog/cat, or socialized a dog for a nonprofit organization. What kind of credit can I get?

You can get up to 25 hours per semester for this type of service. This activity is very difficult to quantify so we’ve decided to limit the credit for it.

I volunteered at a non-profit camp or I worked at an overnight non-profit retreat and was working constantly. I barely slept. Can I claim all this time?

Even if you worked almost all day and night and barely slept, you will be limited to a maximum of 8 hours a day. In addition, credit for working as a volunteer is limited to 50 hours a week. The church trip to Mexico is an exception because it involves work beyond just the 6 days of the trip. Remember, if you are being paid for your work, you may not receive any community service credit.

How do I review the hours that I have posted in Track it Forward to make sure that they are all there?

Simply log into Track it Forward, and at the bottom of the page, there is a link for “all hours logged.” When you click on this, all hours that you logged will appear.

Are there additional  opportunities for service awards?

In addition, seniors who have performed exemplary service at PHS may receive awards from the departments they helped (e.g. Drama, Music) and seniors with a particularly outstanding record of service may also be eligible for several scholarships and awards to be determined by the PHS Counseling Department.

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