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Tips, Tricks, Apps and Add-Ons

Updated June 5, 2016

Google Guide and Help Pages:

  1. Google Chromebook Help Center
  1. Get started with Chromebooks
  2. Connect your Chromebook
  3. Manage your apps
  4. Personalize your Chromebook
  5. Photos
  6. Printing
  7. Device support

  1. Complete PUSD Chromebook User Guide
  1. Signing into the Chromebook
  2. Connecting at Home
  3. Connect to a WiFi network
  4. Connect to a wired Ethernet network
  5. No network?
  6. Start browsing the web
  7. Use Apps and Extensions
  8. Apps
  9. Extensions
  10. Find your apps
  11. Create and manage files with Google Docs
  12. Open Google Docs
  13. Upload files to Google Docs
  14. Understand the File Manager
  15. Files Stored Temporarily on your Chromebook
  16. Access Files from an External Device
  17. Printing using Google Cloud Print
  18. Glossary of Terms

Tips and Tricks:

  1. How to export your PUSD Google Apps Drive after you graduate



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