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Challenge Success

updated: October 27, 2021

About Challenge Success

Why Challenge Success?

One of PUSDs goals is to create a positive learning environment that will allow our students to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. We want to help our kids master components of a successful life – to be independent, adaptable, ethical and motivated critical thinkers. We work with Challenge Success to embrace a broad definition of success and to implement research-based strategies that promote student well-being and engagement with learning.  

PHS/MHS Challenge Success survey and PHS/MHS Healthy Kids Survey data reveal students’ feelings about academic challenges, teacher and parent support, homework, stress and sleep. Based on these results and other data we have collected about the social-emotional health of our students, we are looking at the school climate around student stress and seeing what we can do to support our kids.

Our Mission

We seek to engage the whole student in meaningful learning, balancing academic rigor with social-emotional development, celebrating individual strengths, recognizing failures as opportunities for growth, and respecting and supporting all our students.

Key Initiatives

Resources for Students and Parents

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