Superintendent’s Community Advisory Committee

Background on the Superintendent Community Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Superintendent’s Community Advisory Committee is to: 

  • Strengthen community and positive relationships amongst our various stakeholders;
  • Listen, learn, and better understand one another on the various successes and areas to improve across the District;
  • Generate ideas to improve communications, district-wide operations, and the student and staff learning/working environment.

The Superintendent’s Community Advisory Committee consists of the following membership:

  1. Donald Evans, Interim Superintendent
  2. Brian Killgore, Director of Communication and Community Relations
  3. Karyn Shipp, APSA Member – Certificated
  4. Sylvia Eggert, APSA Member – Classified
  5. Jennifer Kessler, Certificated Staff Members (APT) – Elementary
  6. Camilla Thayer, Certificated Staff Member (APT) – Middle School
  7. Elise Marks, Certificated Staff Members (APT) – High School
  8. Genesis Berrios, Classified Staff Member (CSEA) – Elementary
  9. TBD, Classified Staff Member (CSEA) – Secondary
  10. Veronica Anderson Thigpen, Board of Education Member
  11. Hilary Cooper, Board of Education Member
  12. Elizabeth Shook, Piedmont High School Parent Rep
  13. Maryam Sheikh, Piedmont Middle School Parent Rep
  14. Keira Williams, Millennium High School Parent Rep
  15. Linda Wendel, Beach Elementary Parent Rep
  16. Lindsay Thomasson, Havens Elementary Parent Rep
  17. Patrick Lang, Wildwood Elementary Parent Rep
  18. Keri Elmquist, At-Large Parent Rep
  19. Michelle McGilloway, At-Large Parent Rep
  20. Nick Arata, Millennium High School Student Rep
  21. Grace Rego, Millennium High School Student Rep
  22. Sofia Prieto Black, Piedmont High School Student Rep
  23. Brianna (Bree) DeYoung, Piedmont High School Student Rep
  24. TBD, Piedmont Middle School Student Rep
  25. TBD, Piedmont Middle School Student Rep
  26. Heather Frank, PEF Executive Director

Future Meeting Dates/Times*

TBA – 3:45 – 5:15pm

* All meetings will be held virtually via Google Meet.

Previous Meeting Notes

November 16, 2022

September 1, 2022

May 2, 2022

April 4, 2022

March 14, 2022

February 28, 2022





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