Parent Involvement in the Schools

Parent involvement in the schools is very high in the District. Open Houses, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and school performances are always well-attended. The Parents’ Clubs boast 90 to 95 percent membership participation rates. Parents volunteer to work in the classrooms, computer labs, libraries, and the food service programs. Parents often serve on one or more support group boards or district committees providing organizational support, or a community perspective to the schools.

Parents can help the schools in a great variety of ways. The Parents’ Clubs manage and coordinate the volunteer effort at each school. The best time to sign-up to be a volunteer is in the spring when the Parent Clubs recruit volunteers for the many board positions or at the beginning of the school year during registration. If you miss the opportunity to sign-up at these times, contact the Parents’ Club President of the particular school.

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In addition to Parents’ Clubs at individual schools, six organizations ensure that a breadth of classroom and community opportunities and perspectives are provided to Piedmont students:


And three organizations provide district-wide financial support:

All of these groups raise funds to help support the schools and programs in the district.

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