Piedmont Parents Clubs

Fifteen organizations provide support to specific schools or programs in our District. They include seven parents’ clubs that provide financial, volunteer and communications support to each elementary and secondary school.

As independent non-profit organizations with separate boards, these organizations coordinate annual fund-raisers and volunteer efforts throughout the school year, fund general education, enrichment and extracurricular programs; administer teacher grant programs, and serve as the interface between the school and families through monthly board meetings, parent education forums, and the distribution of weekly or monthly communications to parents. Information on parent clubs can be found on each schools’ website.


The Giving Campaign

The Giving Campaign is a joint fundraiser with Associated Parent Clubs of Piedmont and Piedmont Educational Foundation.  The Giving Campaign runs from October through January, with the recommended tax-deductible donation of $1000 per student to The Giving Campaign and $100 or more to the PEF Endowment.  Funds are distributed to the schools’ parent clubs, which vote on allocations to the district and site level programs and enrichment.

Donate online at www.PiedmontGivingCampaign.com

For any questions call the Piedmont Schools Fundraising Office, (510)653-1816 or email us at helpingpiedmontschools@gmail.com

Contact: For questions call the Fundraising Office at 653-1816.

Other Parent-Led Organizations

In addition, six organizations ensure that a breadth of classroom and community opportunities and perspectives are provided to Piedmont students:

And three organizations provide district-wide financial support:

All of these groups raise funds to help support the schools and programs in the district.

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