Earning Credit

How Credits and Grades Are Earned

Self-paced instruction

MHS encourages you to work at your own pace to reach your full potential. You can work as fast as you want, but you may not be able to work as slow as you want. At MHS, you earn course credits through a combination of productive hours in class (participation) and completion of course assignments and projects.

Credits and grades

MHS has a partial credit system.  At MHS, credits indicate the quantity of work completed and grades indicate the quality of work completed. Grades are based on mastery of the curriculum, not on competition among students. Any assignment that does not meet satisfactory standards (a minimum grade of “C”) is returned for revision.  At MHS, grades below a C- are not given because students are expected to revise and resubmit work until it is at a level of C- or better and earns credit towards graduation.

Please review the MHS Credit System.

Unexcused absences have a negative impact on a student’s ability to earn credit. Class participation and attendance are reflected in the total credits a student can earn each marking period.

Credits for community-based activities

You can earn course credits for activities outside of MHS that relate to the school curriculum, including community service, internships, work experience, classes, recreation and arts programs attended elsewhere. Generally, you receive one course credit for every 12 hours of verified community based work. With the exception of formal classes taken at other schools, these are usually elective credits and are given pass/fail grades. Credit can be earned for summer activities in a similar manner.

Work experience credits are limited to a maximum of 10 per semester and a total of 40 during high school. Community service and internship credits are limited to 10 per semester. Community college courses earn 3.3 high school credits per semester unit, or 2.5 high school credits per college quarter unit, with the grade assigned by the college. MHS does not award “weighted” grades for community college courses. Students self-report their grades to colleges when they apply, and “weighted” credit is calculated as part of the application process.

MHS Honor Society

Students who earn full credit in all MHS classes each marking period in a semester, have positive advisory attendance and complete 8 hours of community service earn membership in the MHS Honor Society for the semester.

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