Incoming 6th Graders Start the School Year with Scots Camp

This is certainly an eventful time in the Piedmont schools, with new staff members, new curriculum, and new ways our educators and students are using technology in the classroom. These are just some of the exciting changes and program innovation underway in the schools.

Another example of this innovation is Scots Camp, a new program started this year at Piedmont Middle School to welcome sixth graders during the first few days of school.

Principal Ryan Fletcher developed Scots Camp in partnership with parents and teachers to introduce new students to the school, the teachers, and each other. A group of eighth graders served as camp counselors along with the sixth grade teachers.

Scots Camp included team-building games that mixed students from the three elementary schools, breaking down any perceived barriers among the elementary schools and promoting a sense of community among the sixth graders. Because of the involvement of eighth graders, the camp also promoted a sense of community between the sixth grade and eighth grade.

Scots Camp also included a mix of practical guidance for students (such as how to use those tricky PE lockers) and discussions about the core values of the Middle School (such as being an “Upstander”). Scots Camp also included an introduction to digital citizenship, as students learned about the proper use and care of Chromebooks, to help prepare students for the one-to-one Connected Learning pilot program starting this Fall.

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