Upcoming PUSD Educational Engagement Opportunities for our Community

The District values the input and collaboration with all of our stakeholders throughout the community. We invite you to participate in the following distinct engagement opportunities across the District:

PUSD Board of Education – Workshop on Advanced Placement/Honors Course Enrollment at Piedmont High School

On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 9:30am, the PUSD Board of Education is hosting a Board Workshop to discuss the enrollment trends of Piedmont High School students who enroll in Advanced Placement/Honors Courses and the affect it has on student stress.

The Board Workshop will take place in the PUSD District Office – 760 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94611. This meeting is open to the public. We invite you all to attend.


LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) Advisory Committee
The purpose of the LCAP Advisory Committee is to consult, review, and comment on the district’s Local Control Accountability Plan.

Each school district across the state is required to engage all stakeholders and adopt a strategic plan called a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).  The LCAP must describe how the District will meet annual goals for students that reflect both State requirements and local priorities.  You can review the 2016-17 LCAP by clicking here.

The LCAP Advisory Committee will meet regularly to review and provide input on sections of the LCAP being developed for the 2017-18 school year.  This year, the LCAP Advisory Committee Meetings are all open to the public, 3:45pm – 5:15pm in the PHS Student Center, on the following dates:

September 12, 2016

October 10, 2016

November 7, 2016

December 5, 2016

February 6, 2017

March 13, 2017

April 17, 2017

The District will also host three LCAP Parent Engagement Nights in the PHS Student Center – 7:00pm – 8:30pm:

October 25, 2016

January 23, 2017

April 24, 2017

Please join us as we develop goals to support teaching and learning across the District.


Budget Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Budget Advisory Committee is to review the financial health of the District’s General Fund budget, share information with constituent groups, and make recommendations for Board consideration in the budget development process.

The Budget Advisory Committee meetings are all open to the public, 3:30pm – 5:00pm, in the District Office, on the following dates.

September 8, 2016

October 20, 201

December 8, 2016

March 2, 2017

June 8, 2017


Budget Advisory Sub-Committee

We’re soliciting members of the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) to see if anyone might be interested in joining the BAC School Support Tax Advisory Subcommittee. The function of the Subcommittee includes:

  • Work directly with Assistant Superintendent Song Chin-Bendib to review school support tax uses;
  • Prepare an annual written report and submit to the Board of Education;
  • Report to the Board of Education each year to determine the subsequent year’s tax levy;
  • Commit to regularly attending the BAC meetings (approximately 4 to 5 per year).

There must be at least three Subcommittee members, but no more than five. Currently, the Subcommittee has two members due to two other members’ resignation from this committee. Therefore, the District is seeking at least one new member, or a maximum of three new members.

We are looking to fill these vacancies by November, 2016. Other specifications:

  • Members of the Subcommittee must be homeowners in the City of Piedmont;
  • Members of the Subcommitte may not be an employee of the District;
  • The Superintendent or his designee is required to verify the eligibility of prospective members;
  • The President and Vice President of the Board of Education will approve all nominees to the Subcommittee.

We would appreciate you letting us know of your interest by applying for the Subcommittee. Please visit our website to download an application. You may return your application via email to Julie Hollinger (jhollinger@piedmont.k12.ca.us), fax to her at (510) 654-7374, or mail to her at 760 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont 94611.

More information is posted on the District’s website (www.piedmont.k12.ca.us).


Site Facilities Tours

As part of the Facilities Master Planning Initiative, the District is hosting additional facilities tours of Piedmont High School and Piedmont Middle School throughout September and October.  The purpose of these tours is to help families learn more about the Facilities Master Plan and answer any questions about the current state of our high school and middle school educational facilities.

Please join us at the flagpole in front of Piedmont High School on the following dates/times:

Tuesday, September 13th at 6pm

Thursday, September 29th at 4pm

Monday, October 3rd at 4pm

Tuesday, October 18th at 6pm

To learn more about the Facilities Master Planning Process or Measure H1, please visit the district’s website at  http://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us


Education Speaker Series


The Education Speaker Series (ESS) returns for the 2016 – 2017 school year with an exciting mix of programs related to raising healthy children and young adults. The Education Speaker Series is presented by the Piedmont Unified School District and Piedmont Adult School, with the generous support of the Piedmont Parents Network, ESS Speaker Circle, and individual contributors.

Next Event

How to Talk With Your Kids about Money
October 18, 2016

Ron Lieber writes the Your Money column for The New York Times. In his 2015 book, The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money, Lieber explains how talking openly with children about money can help them develop into financially wise young adults. In his popular talks, he helps parents understand the basic financial behaviors that are not only increasingly important for young adults but that also imprint lessons about what the family truly values. Lieber’s advice is applicable to parents with children of all ages.


October 18, 7:30-9pm


Piedmont High School
800 Magnolia Ave.
Piedmont, CA 94611




Free for Series subscribers; $15 at the door

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