Newsela Current Event Articles Support All Levels

Piedmont teachers using the Newsela service can be found at all of our schools. rewrites articles from today’s headlines for five reading levels, allowing an entire class to read the same content, but at a level that’s just right for each student from primary readers to college-level!  The results: engaging, relevant nonfiction reading and learning.

Online current events differentiate for reading levels.

Online current events differentiate for reading levels.

Many upper elementary classrooms use the online service, along with science classes, english-language learners and others.  The high-interest current event articles support Common Core’s increased emphasis on nonfiction, and supplement our libraries and classroom collections.  Comprehension questions at the end of articles provide feedback to teachers on student understanding, critical thinking and close reading skills, so they can better address their teaching to student needs.  

Ask your student if they have used Newsela at school, or check out the service yourself at!

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