New Mobile Computer Science Apps Course at PHS

WebStarting next year at Piedmont High School, a new computer science course, Mobile Computer Science Principles, will be offered to students.

The course focuses on learning computer science concepts while designing mobile apps that promote social good and serve a purpose in the community. Students will be encouraged to think outside the box, developing skills in problem solving and creativity. The curriculum uses MIT’s App Inventor programming language to teach students how to develop mobile apps for Android devices, which can then be published for download on the Google Play Store.

Throughout the course students will develop an online portfolio using Google Sites, further developing not only their technical skills but also their communication skills. The course is centered around seven big ideas – creativity, abstraction, data and information, algorithms, programming, the Internet, and global impact – as part of the proposed Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles curriculum.

In summer 2015, Dr. Raj Shrivastava, from PHS, will be participating in the Mobile CSP professional drRajdevelopment course, a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This opportunity is being offered to provide training to teachers about computer science content and teaching methods for the classroom. Teachers will be provided a complete set of materials and resources needed to prepare students for the new AP Computer Science Principles exam, which will be offered beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.  Teachers who complete the online course in the summer will receive support throughout the year from program mentors and the Mobile CSP community too. We are excited to have the opportunity for our students, and the support of the National Science Foundation in order to develop it

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