Connected Learning in Action – Janine Sohn

In this continuing series, teachers working with students in the Connected Learning 1:1 program share how they use the tools to impact student learning.

jsohnpolaroidUse of Chromebooks has been very effective in the World Cultures classrooms.  Because the course focuses on current events around the world, Chromebooks have been especially useful in helping students access the most current state of affairs for the topics we are studying.  Keeping on top of all current events around the world can be a challenge and I don’t always know the answer when a student asks a question.  However, with the Chromebooks available, I can quickly designate someone to look up the answer and then the lesson can move on smoothly with the information needed to help fill in the gaps.


Having students completing the work in the online format has made paper management much easier for everyone.  Since I have access to student documents in Google, I can easily see when the document was last worked on.  I can also search the revision history to find out what work was done on what day and even what time.  This has helped students be able to “prove” that the work was, in fact, completed on time. This information also helps me monitor how productive students are being in class so I can anticipate which students may need more reminders to stay on task in future class periods.

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