2022-23 Employee Packet

For All Employees:

All employees are required to review all of the information listed and provide signed acknowledgement of receipt and review of information as part of annual employment packet.

Board Policy – Educational Equity (BP 0415)

Board Policy/Administrative Regulation – Racial Equity (BP/AR 0415.1)

Board of Education Policy/Administrative Regulation – Uniform Complaint Procedures  (BP/AR/E 1312.3)

Board of Education Policy – Civility (BP 1313)

Board of Education Policy – Tobacco-Free Schools (BP 3513.3)

Board of Education Policy – Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace (BP 4020)

Board of Education Policy – Non Discrimination in Employment (BP 4030)

Board of Education Policy/Administrative Regulation – Personnel – Sexual Harassment (BP/AR 4119.11)

Board of Education Policy  – Professional Standards (BP 4119.21)

Board of Education Policy – Exposure…Plan for Blood Borne Pathogens (BP 4119.42)

Board of Education Policy – Tutoring (BP 4137)

Board of Education Policy/Administrative Regulation – Bullying (BP/AR 5131.2)

Board of Education Policy – Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting (BP 5141.4)

Board of Education Policy – Student Discipline (BP 5144)

Board of Education Policy/Administrative Regulation – Non-Discrimination and Harassment (BP/AR 5145.3)

Board Policy/Administrative Regulation – Sexual Harassment (BP/AR 5145.7)

Board of Education Policy – Hate Motivated Behavior (BP 5145.9)

2022 Annual Notification Of Benefit Rights 

CA- Domestic Violence Notice

 Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet

Information on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B


For Certificated Staff

For Classified Staff




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