Havens Elementary School

School Safety

The Havens Faculty and Staff maintains a secure campus for your student.

During school hours (8:00am-3pm) All exterior gates and doors are locked. Visitors must enter the school through the Highland Ave. entrance, where they will sign in and be directed to their destination.

In the event of an emergency, such as an earthquake, the Havens faculty will follow the district emergency procedures found here.

Additionally, we ask parents to adhere to the following drop off and pick up guidelines:

In order to ensure the safety and well being of the children, please note the following information regarding pedestrian and vehicle traffic to and from Havens School:  

If your child walks to school, the City of Piedmont provides an adult crossing guard at 3 intersections:

  1.  Oakland Avenue and Highland Avenue
  2.  Oakland Avenue and Bonita Avenue
  3.  Craig Avenue and Highland Avenue

If you drive your child to school, please see the following guidelines for dropoff and pickup and the loading zones:


There are 2 loading zones for the dropoff/pickup of your children.  They are designated by a white curb at the Highland Avenue Entrance and at the Bonita Avenue Gate.  

  • The loading zones are for active dropoff/pickup only.  
  • No parking or standing permitted in the loading zones during posted hours.  
  • Do not leave your car unattended in the loading zone.
  • Do not double park in the loading zone.  


  • Allow enough time to park your car legally and walk your child to school or allow him/her to walk from your parked car.
  • Drop off only in loading zones where Student Safety Patrol members (select 5th grade volunteers) will assist with opening car doors and expediting drop-off. Note that patrol begins the second week of school and is not available when 5th graders are off campus on field trips. Also, patrol members will not walk children to their classrooms.
  • Be certain children are ready to be dropped off before entering the loading zone.


  • Pick up only in loading zones where Student Safety Patrol members (select 5th grade volunteers) will assist in ushering children to the cars.  If you pull up to the loading zone and your child is not there, please continue around the block until your child is ready to be picked up and you can access the loading zone again.  Remember, the loading zones are for active loading only.

Vista Ave Loading Zone is for Schoolmates children only.  5th grade traffic patrol volunteers are not assigned to this area.

Please note that Kindergarten dropoff and pickup is located at the Oakland Avenue Gate. Please walk your child to the gate, and pick them up at the gate. Oakland Avenue is a busy street and we do not want Kindergarteners there without supervision.

Late Reader Drop Off is through the main office. All other gates are locked after 8:30am, therefore students should be dropped off at the Highland Avenue entrance, or walked in through the office.

Please share this information with everyone who drops off or picks up your child (relatives, caregivers and siblings).