Havens Elementary School

History of Havens

From A Pictorial History of Piedmont by Gail G. Lombardi, Published in 2007 by The Piedmont Historical Society:

The Bonita Avenue School was the first public school in Piedmont. Built in 1910 and also designed by Albert Farr, it had 8 classrooms with 8 teachers teaching 8 grades, and stood where Havens School is today. …Ellen Driscoll was the first principal and taught here for 20 years. The school was renamed Frank C. Havens School in 1914.

Piedmont Historical Photo Archive

Frank C. Havens Elementary School
Circa: 1908 | 1800 Oakland Av

Picture of the Piedmont (Bonita Avenue) School immediately after its construction in 1908. The school was later renamed Frank C. Havens and was rebuilt entirely in the 1950’s.

Thanks to the City of Piedmont for the historical photograph. http://www.ci.piedmont.ca.us/photoarchive/95-13-75.shtml