Havens Elementary School


We are very fortunate to offer music instruction at all grade levels.

Vocal Music

A music specialist provides vocal music instruction for students weekly in grades K-3. Kodaly and Orff methods of music teaching are practiced in the classroom.  Our Spring Concert serves a demonstration of a year’s worth of music education.

Adrian Behrendt, Vocal Music Teacher, abehrendt@piedmont.k12.ca.us

Instrumental Music

Fourth and fifth grade students receive weekly instrumental music instruction with the opportunity to select and study a brass, woodwind, or string instrument.

Fourth graders have the opportunity to choose between a violin class or a band class which includes flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone.  In fifth grade, students will be grouped according to instrumental families. String players will have the opportunity to have an orchestral experience.  Violin, viola, and ‘cello will be offered based upon teacher recommendation and student interest.  Flute and clarinet will be taught separately while trumpet and trombone will be grouped together, once again based upon teacher recommendation and student interest.

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