Overview of Students and Staff

The approximately 2550 Piedmont Unified School District students reflect the demographics of the community with an ethnic mix of 20% Asian, 3% Hispanic, 3% African-American, and 74% Caucasian. They are bright, motivated, and eager to learn. On standardized tests, they consistently rank in the top quartile and approximately 99% of graduating students continue their education at two and four year colleges. They are actively involved in many athletic, arts, and youth programs offered by the school district and city.

The Piedmont schools are fortunate to have such a well-educated, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated staff. Over 81% have Masters Degrees or a Bachelors Degree plus 60 or more hours of advanced study. Teachers average fourteen years’ experience, and frequent staff development programs ensure up-to-date training in methodology, curriculum and technology. Students with special needs are served by a staff of trained professionals including school psychologists, hearing impaired teachers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, ELD teachers, resource specialists, counselors, and nurse. Each elementary site has specialist teachers with credentials in music, reading, physical education, and library science.

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