Citizens’ Oversight Committee

Meeting Agendas



Board of Education Responsibility

  • Appoint members from appropriate constituencies  (done)
  • Provide administrative and technical assistance (no charge to bond fund)

Charge to the Committee

  • Prepare an annual report to the community about the management and expenditures of 2006 Measure E bond funds.
  • Make physical inspections of 2006 Measure E funded projects during construction.
  • Review related District documents to gather information for the preparation of reports to the community.
  • Review required annual independent financial and performance audits of 2006 Measure E projects as required by Proposition 39.
  • Report to the Board of Education annually on the activities of the committee.

Operations of the Committee

  • All meetings shall be held in accordance with the Brown Act.  Agendas shall be posted and include time, place of meeting and discussion items.
  • All minutes and reports shall be a record of law.
  • The committee shall select officers by majority vote.
  • Offices shall be limited to a president, vice president and secretary.
  • Meetings shall be limited to two hours in length, held a minimum of four times per year and no more than every other month.
  • Meeting length may be extended by vote of the majority.
  • Extraordinary meetings or visitations shall be scheduled with the unanimous consent of those members present.
  • Decisions may be made by majority vote or by consensus if appropriate.
  • A quorum shall consist of four members present representing at least three of the required membership categories.

Committee Composition and Length of Service

Term of Service: Two years

  • Limits of Service: No more than two consecutive terms (termed-out committee members can be re-appointed if there is an insufficient number of applicants)
  • Removal: Malfeasance, repeated absences, health matters or professional or personal demands
  • Compensation/Reimbursement: None
  • Membership: At least seven with Board option to expand

Membership Exclusions

  • Employees or consultants are not eligible to serve on the Committee, per law.

Categories – Positions

Mandated – Minimum

  • 1 – Parent
  • 1 –Parent active in one of the Associated Parent Clubs of Piedmont (APCP) or School Site Councils
  • 1 – Senior Citizen Group
  • 1 – Tax Association
  • 1 – Business
  • 2 – Additional members from the community who express interest in serving.

Definition of Projects

  • … “ limited to the list approved by the Board on December 6, 2005 and submitted and approved by the electorate on March 7, 2006.”

Annual Meeting Cycle

  • June                 Review of Audit and Overview of Summer Work and Expected Expenditures
  • September       Project Update, Bond Sale Review, and Budget Review
  • January           Project Update and Budget Review
  • March               Preparation of Committee’s Annual Report to Community/Board of Education.

For additional questions, please email Sandy Spiker at, or call 510-594-2614

Current Committee Members

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