Annual Registration Process

Schools are required to collect and maintain various information on the students they serve. Additionally, knowing the preferences and needs of our students’ families help ensure the smooth operation of our schools and the safety of students. The Annual Registration/Update process is our method for collecting updated information about our students, and serves to combine many notices, mandates, and consent forms into an easy process.  

Families will notice improvements to our annual registration process this summer!  

Student data will be updated in the Infinite Campus parent portal through a guided interface.  Infinite Campus stores the official records for the district, and as such, it’s important to ensure the information contained is accurate!  As a current family, much of the information needed by the schools is already contained in the system, and can be quickly updated in the process.  With parent information, emergency contacts, and student health data collected in Infinite Campus, our schools will be better equipped to support students.  

As in prior years, PUSD asks all parents to complete the online Annual Registration process to collect updated information and provide important notices in a simple mechanism. This year, parents do not need to leave Infinite Campus to contribute to classroom and school items, including PE uniforms, classroom supplies, athletics funds, yearbooks, planners, activity cards, food service and more. All of the items previously found on the old have been moved to Infinite Campus in a new section called “Fees”.  The interface may not be as visually stimulating, but there are several advantages for the schools:

  • Families are already using Infinite Campus for Food Service- one less payment system to learn!
  • Multiple students can be processed in one cart- an improvement over the old store!
  • Funds are available quickly to the school so we can pay bills more timely.
  • A secure processing system means no school employees can see your credit card information. 
  • Items are associated with the student making it easy to apply specific funding requests by course, grade-level, school or group.
  • Large ticket items can be setup in installment payments paid over time!
  • PEF, parent club and support group items, along with swag and some events will be found on a redesigned! 
Login screen to IC

Login screen to IC


After interacting in Infinite Campus families should visit PiedmontStore.ORG.  It is here that families can find out about parent and support club memberships and activities.  For students in 6th-12th grades, the PiedmontStore will also create a reserved time slot for requiredWalk-Through.

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